Rundle Park

Edmonton, AB

Rundle Park is Edmontons premiere disc golf destination. A family friendly course featuring a variety of shots that will challenge disc golfers of many skill levels. With grassy hillsides and a number of water hazards that come into play, there is something for everyone at Rundle Park Disc Golf Course



Enjoyability level for the novice player.

Challenging holes for the beginner player but friendly greens and grassy areas make it enjoyable for the novice player. The biggest worry may be the popularity of the park as bystanders and pedestrians frequent the course during weekends.



Enjoyability level for the intermediate player.

Much like the beginner rating, if you have a shot that gets away from you, it could be in danger hitting bystanders. However the flow of the course and the ability to change pin locations will help you learn the fundamentals of disc golf as you practice the majority of shots that are needed to take your game to the next level.



Enjoyability level for the experienced player.

While no hole is a gimme, the expert player may find this course a little short and on the easier side. The couple of 590' + par 4's could be considered easier birdies with the right disc placement. However, there are still lots of fun lines to be played throughout the holes. The variety of treed holes and pond hazards can prove difficult no matter your skill level.



Illustrates how easy it is to find and access the course.

Considering how large the city of Edmonton is, one might think it would be difficult to get to one of the city's most popular parks. Alas, the access is actually quite easy as the park is located only a short drive from a major highway. The biggest concern would be finding a closer parking spot on the weekend. As previously mentioned; this is one of the city's more popular parks.


Teepads and Targets

Illustrates the conditions of the tee-pads and targets at each course.

Concrete tee-pads and DISCatcher Pro baskets make for a classic disc golf combination.



Disc Golf is our focus, but these courses have other things going for them too.

During the week, grassy fields and ponds full of ducks and geese make for a quaint, but lively ambience. There's very few signs of the hustle and bustle of the 'big city' one might expect. During the weekends, it is not uncommon to see groups of people gathering in the park and sometimes even setting up a picnic in the middle of a fairway. This leads to a potentially stressful and/or dangerous round.


Flip flops?

After serious analytical study and testing, we have determined that flip flops are not recommended for disc golf. But we do it anyway, and this is how it went.

Needless to say, this may be the most flip flop friendly course the folks at Parked Pro have ever played. With grassy fairways and well-tracked 'rough' areas, throwing a disc in flip flops is a dream on this course. With ponds adorning a few of the holes, one might be happy with their flip floppy choices as disc retrieval becomes a synch without having to worry about wet socks.