Phase 1 of our Pro Shop is online!

The future is bright at Parked Pro. Not only can you access all of our premium content, but you'll be able to purchase it too!

Phase 1 of our Pro Shop offers the ability to purchase Sponsorships for our content including drone overviews and course previews.

Discs are coming soon!!

Disc golf starts with your disc selection, and we'll have you covered!

Whether you're just starting out or if you're changing your putter for the 12th time, we have your next disc!

Look good to throw good!

We currently offer Parked Pro branded hats and we're working on bringing in some of the best apparel in disc golf.

Look good to throw good, that's what we always say, sort of.....

It's important to feel comfortable when you throw. Parked Pro will soon provide some of our favourite apparel brands to get you feeling loose and comfortable out on the course. Looking good, and feeling comfortable means one less distraction while you're making a crucial throw.

Drone overview Hole Sponsorships available

Want to be a part of the action? Sponsor a hold in one of our upcoming projects.

We are still looking for sponsors for holes at Wycliffe and Three Blind Mice. Have your brand seen. How does it work? find out HERE.

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