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Axiom Envy

Best use: Throwing Putter, Approach
Flight Numbers: 3,3,0,2 / 3,3,-1,2 Depending on the plastic.

There's a reason we chose the Envy as our feature disc for July.
By now most people are aware of the Axiom Envy. It's famously known for being the disc James Conrad threw on Hole 18 to force a playoff (and eventually win) the World Championships in 2021.

Andre's take:
It's been in my bag since the first time I've thrown it. The Axiom Envy is my go to putter off the tee. When I walk up to my lie, the first thing I think of is, "can I throw an envy here?"

I have 2-3 workhorse discs in my Bag and the Envy is definitely one of my most thrown disc.

If we don't have it, Our friends might!

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